Men’s Wear

Tailored Clothing


With the help of Coppley, together we use a unique blend of old world tailoring and state-of-the-art computer assisted cutting. The development and use of new methods and modern technology have allowed us to produce high quality single garments with a personalized fit.


You the consumer benefits significantly from garments that are cut to your individual measurements. Unique individual needs such as sleeve length, coat length, body stance, waist fullness and many other factors are all pre-engineered into the computer guided cutter rather than altered at the finished garment stage.

The result of our efforts is an impeccably tailored garment one that reflects current fashion, individual tastes and personal needs.


Consumers can take advantage of our two services: Accumeasure and Full Made to Measure. The Customers are asked to wear a dark shirt and then instructed to line up against a grid of one inch squares where two digital pictures are taken.  The digital pictures are emailed to Coppley along with the customer’s traditional measurements. After a Coppley tailor reviews these measurements– both from the digital image and the tape measurements– the final dimensions are entered into one of three computerized cutting machines. This new technology adds a final component that takes out the guesswork about a man’s shape and curvature of his posture; these factors are crucial to the way a suit fits.


Accumeasure Plus

A fully integrated digital image/grid system for ordering custom clothing in just 7 working days. This program is designed to allow clothing associates to measure and sell more complex fitting garments with confidence and ease. This service is only available through the use of the web.

Full Made to Measure

For orders requiring more complex measurements and fit details we also provide made to measure service with a user-friendly order form. These orders are cut and completed in 18 to 21 working days. This service is also available online with the added feature that a picture can be submitted with the order.

Casual Wear


Carrying some of the best brand names found anywhere. Everything from outerwear, sport shirts, knits, to ties belts and shoes. The selection here is extensive and is sure to compliment what you are looking for.

Some of Our Brands







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